To provide safe and reliable door-through-door service with hands on assistance for persons who have difficulties getting in and out of vehicles and buildings, therefore opening doors to a wider range of opportunities and experiences.


To allow seniors and others to have access to services that will lessen isolation and to support their needs and activities. We are committed to providing accompaniment & assistance that allow individuals to have a more connected, fulfilling and independent way of living.


We provide an honest, reliable, compassionate and trustworthy accompaniment. Not all seniors and others have the benefit of family members or caregivers with the flexibility or accessibility to support their independence.

Welcome to TLC Driving Services!

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TLC provides accompanied transportation and personal support services designed to meet the unique needs of seniors and others who require a more personalized service. Learn more about us

DOOR THROUGH DOOR: TLC Driving Services provides flexible transportation and accompaniment services to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients will experience transportation & assistance with a door-through-door service with a helping hand and friendly smile. Seniors and others using a wheelchair or walker must be able to transfer themselves into and out of the vehicle. We will always provide assistance into and out of the TLC Driving Services vehicle if needed or requested in a safe manner.

TLC Driving Services has been in operating and in business since 2011. Please read our customer testimonials to see how they value our service as we provide exceptional customer service and developing solutions for clients and their families who may need our help.

TLC Driving Services addresses the growing need for seniors and others who do not have the benefit of a family member or friend who can help them maintain independence in which they may require Transportation, Lifestyle or Companionship.

We’re a company that is dedicated to enabling all seniors and others to have a more connected, fulfilling and independent lifestyle. We believe that all people should have access and interaction that allows them not only to thrive in their everyday activities, but to engage and support their independence.

All TLC Driving Services Personnel have the following:

  • A Clean Drivers Abstract
  • Class 4 Drivers License
  • Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C
  • Police Clearance ( CPIC )
  • Fully Insured & Bonded
  • Approved Service Provider for Veterans Affairs Canada ( VAC )

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403 - 710 - 9996

What TLC’s Customers are saying

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TLC Driving Services was just a business to me until I had the good fortune to use it. Carla you are always punctual, courteous and your vehicle is always clean - aside from that you have enabled me to be more independent and I’m sure a blessing to my family also. I’d like to believe that we have become more than a business relationship - but a friend - one who listens and chats when feasible during our outings about town. I told you before that you are a God send for making my life more mobile. I thank you and wish you many customers or clients. Kathleen
I have used TLC/Carla for many of my transportation needs over the past year. She is a very safe driver and extremely reliable. She always greets you with a smile and is so east to talk to. I would recommend TLC/Carla to anyone seeking assistance in their transportation needs. Lil
I was directed to TLC and Carla by my son after having my license taken away after surgery. What a convenient it was to be picked up at my door with plenty of timer airport flights and appointments. Carla has taken me into appointments where I am unsure of where to go and waited for me to finish. She is truly “my driver” and I appreciate her so much. I find her billing me once every month convenient and practical. I hope she continues her service for many years does well. Catherine
We think you offer a great service. You are always prompt. The problems we had was getting a taxi. You let us pay bi-weekly. We recommend your service with other people. John & Mike
Since moving from a small city to Calgary and not being drivers we find the TLC Driving Service invaluable. Carla is not only the driver but she goes out of her way to accommodate us, like helping us make our appointments and filling in forms. We would recommend TLC to everyone. Thank you Carla. Gordon & Joyce
I use TLC for the following reasons: It has eliminated the anxiety of booking and waiting for a taxi appointment. I also do not have to then wait for another taxi for the return trip home. I can book TLC weeks or even months ahead. TLC is punctual, personal and professional. Monthly billing is very convenient for me. Carla genuinely cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to accommodate them. Highly recommended. Ian
I Have Been with Carla when she was working with a competitor. Her service was excellent then and even better now as she has improved on things that weren’t available. Her service is impeccable. Val
I have been using TLC for 2 years for my 90 year old mother who suffers from dementia. Carla is not only a driver and companion she is a caring, responsible and intelligent caregiver. She has established a good relationship with my mother, is flexible, considerate and does her best to accommodate my mom's fluctuating needs. Because she is a good problem solver I can rely on her to make informed judgements and would not hesitate to recommend her services highly. Barb